Anima Aurea®

Anima aurea® is a multisensory experience unique in the world. Anima aurea was born from the fusion of pure massive gold and pure silver, the two noble elements, which have always intrigued humanity. Gold and silver molded together to preserve wine for the eternity.

Anima aurea® creates a new way of preserving and evolving wine in a glassless bottle made totally of pure gold and silver.

Extraordinary Italian wines curated by two of the world's best wine makers, Barbara Tamburini and Vittorio Fiore, are refined in this precious, unique and inimitable bottle. A sensational experience enclosed in a object of art combining tradition, research, luxury and made in Italy for Italian wine.

The technology of Anima aurea® was born from the fusion of ancient studies and a large modern research project, which has resulted in an innovative combination of twenty-four carat gold and pure silver in order to provide the optimal material for refining wine, improving its conservation and evolution over time.

exclusive collections

Each year, Anima Aurea® design and creates limited collections of precious jewelery in pure solid gold and silver, which are totally hand-forged according to ancient traditions and in which are refined unique wines among the most exclusive Italian wines.

The first collection

The bottles of the first Anima Aurea® collection "Venti4" contain a precious red wine obtained in 2012 from a selection of Sangiovese grapes from the Ruffoli hill in the countryside of Greve in Chianti, Florence from vines more than eighty years old..

Perpetual Warranty

Anima Aurea® covers its exclusive collections with a perpetual warranty, to give eternity to the wine contained therein.
Each piece of Anima Aurea® has a unique microchip embedded that guarantees originality and exclusive property.